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How to lose a beer belly, and build fitness & muscle,
even when you’re a tired, busy Dad

how to lose beer belly

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Why dads struggle to get in shape

lose fat gain muscle

Most dads struggle to get in shape because, let’s face it, our lives are freakin’ nuts. I mean, let’s look at what the average guy with a family needs to do on a daily basis:

  • keep your kids alive
  • keep your partner happy
  • keep your boss off your back
  • keep your house from falling apart

And with all these tasks competing for our time and attention, our attempts to do something about getting in shape, losing fat, building muscle, etc normally don’t last long enough to make any progress.

So our body shape just kinda ‘happens’ doesn’t it?

And here’s why this is gonna get worse

  • we’re not getting any younger
  • muscle is starting to waste away
  • we’re getting out of breath more and more easily
  • our metabolism is starting to slow down, weight-gain is happening faster.

And all the workout and diet plans out there just assume we have time, energy and money to burn to get in shape.

So do we give up, assuming there’s no way guys in our situation will ever manage to lose fat, gain muscle and get fitter? No way – because there’s a ‘dad-friendly’ way to do all this…

How this site will help you

I piled on weight too when I had kids (despite being an experienced personal trainer – talk about not following your own advice!), unable to find the time for the long workouts I thought I needed or able to eat ‘right’.

But I eventually found ways to train smart with shorter workouts, and make simple changes to my diet, so that I’m now at 37 in better shape than I was at 21, despite training only 2 hours per week.

And I want to help as many dads as possible to do what I’ve managed to do – build muscle and fitness, lose the belly, feel great, despite my home and work life being crazy, just like yours.

But just as importantly, to make this whole thing something we stick with, I focus on how to get in shape while continuing to do what guys like us like doing – having a big feed, not devoting our lives to working out, indulging at the weekends.

What to do now

First things first, I’d encourage you to pick up the free Bulky to Buff Daddio Guide via the form below – it lays it all out very clearly how you need to train and eat, and will get you started on the road to looking and feeling awesome, without having to devote as much time and energy to it as you might think!

And if you’re into podcasts, the Buff Daddio Podcast is a weekly 30-minute chat about how tired, busy Dads like us can get our asses in shape!

Getting in shape for guys like us is actually simple, once you finally find a dad-friendly way of doing it!

Headline Name: Email: 2 subscribers We respect your privacy Email Marketingby GetResponse

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